A decade of friendship & art

collaboration from the heart

Our collective passion for art integrated with our love for family & friends has inspired us to walk the path of creativity & work together to capture life's most beautiful moments. Spending time with our clients is meaningful & we value the stories, laughter & visions shared from all walks of life. Our goal is to bring your energy through our lens into the photographs we create with you & the people you love. Let's work together, have fun & capture what truly conveys this chapter of your life.

We're happy you're here

Kelsey Walker

I was born and raised in beautiful western WA, a place I feel lucky to call home. I'm constantly inspired by the magic & mystery of the wildlife & forests here in the Pacific Northwest. Photographing nature & witnessing its beauty feeds my creative heart. The art of story telling through photography reminds me to stay present & view the world with intention & curiosity. Capturing the special moments of life is an honor & an absolute gift to share with the world.

Shelby Peddie

I live in the beautiful state of Washington. My love for photography stems from the joy of making people smile. Whether it's a candid portrait, a stunning landscape, an artistic composition, or just by telling a joke. Through my lens, I aim to create visual stories that evoke emotion, spark connection, & leave a lasting impression.

let's tell your story